BookS for sale (reservations) Volume 2 to 9 : Imperial Germany 1914-1918

Hi all,
I'm pleased to announce that I now started to distribute Volume 1 (Belgium) and Volumes 2 to 9 (Imperial Germany 1914-1918) of 'A photographic Journey of Uniforms and Equipment through the 20th Century'.

Volume 2 to 9 covers Imperial German 1914-1918 enlisted men's uniforms, headgear and equipment.

Almost 2400 A4 pages, with over 8000 photographs and the largest photographic reference source presently available. Each book will cost 50 eur and is limited to 300 numbered copies. The books are heavy (7 books fit in a 10kg box), and shipment from Europe is expensive.

I have no stock, and work with reservations lists and order a limited number of books every month.

If you are already on the reservation list, I will contact you in the next months !


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I am looking forward too! You have already sent me a message on my Facebook about them, thanks for it!
As soon as I know they are with you from the printers, I will send you the money for them, Pay-pal friend & family off course. :)