Busby - Attila Mismatch



I've got an officer's busby (opposum) for HR7, and an officer's parade attila for HR7. However, the pelzmutze is 1912+ and the attila is the Russian blue model worn until about 1908. According to regulation and history, the two would not have been worn together.

Unless.... does any know whether the two might have been worn together in that 1908-1914 period? Perhaps for a gala or other special occasion?

Thanks for whatever information or opinions you have on this.
I don’t know if I understand it right, but from my information HR7 up to 1914+ wore the Russian blue Attila and as you mentioned the Possum Busby was introduced in 1912 for officers. So, in my opinion there was no problem with this configuration and the Attila was not only worn for parades.