Camo M17


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Good evening gentlemen,

I recently purchased this helmet from a friend of mine who acquired it from a house clearing before it was going to be torn down, evidently it was found in the attic in a pile of what was effectively garbage. Thankfully this beautiful camo was preserved by the dry air in the attic and did not suffer the same fate as the house! I think it has a very handsome pattern its just a shame the strap didn't come with, however the liner is complete and tight to the shell and the liner pins are unmessed with. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions.

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Congratulations, I find the helmet really very beautiful but above all untouched. It has a patina that gives us the certainty of total authenticity.
Even the camouflage with dark and autumnal colors without the black line between the patch's colors is appreciable and not trivial.
A helmet that I would like to put in my collection. I like it a lot.
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Its definitely a one looker and that's partially why I like it, no lacquer was added, no cleaning was done or polishing. It looks like it went straight from a field in France to someone's attic and then got dusted with a dry rag and sent to my friends collection and now mine. Its a great non regulation camo and it'll sit very nicely next to my garde M17