Canadian Armoury Fire


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For those who have not heard a very old Armoury in Quebec City has been lost to fire .in this Armoury there was a museum to severalRegiments , but mainly the Regiment De Voltiger. I have left a link to the former contents of the museum. Not to mention the Armouries built in 1885.

BBC article

An Article from a Quebec paper ,this was a huge builging and the damage and scope of the fire are covered here.
This is a los to Canadian Military History.


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We do not have Regimental Museums here in OZ but I have visited a few in London and corresponded with others. When I next go to the UK I plan to visit some county Regimental Museums.

They are a tremendous repository of history and the loss of this one cannot be overstated. We all, in our own way, try to preserve our various histories and any such loss affects us all.