ciney expo militaria 2023

For me it was first time on visiting that level shows and I expected a little bit more items and sellers with picklehaubes and related with it items. However found for my collection new items anyway.
I do understand what you mean,
There are several aspects to this: first of all: I like first world war militaria, in my eyes there is a lot of junk out there, but a person looking for a specific item to complete his willy's jeep, might have a very different opinion on " junk" and will scarcely notice the " hauben" .
I think there are a lot of beautiful items out there, although they only represent a tiny part of the material displayed, so you do have to look for them. .
There is a second aspect worth mentioning especially when you're new to the field:
a lot of dealers don't visit these shows anymore as trading is moved to internet mostly, but in my humble opinion seeing the real thing (and be able to touch and smell it) really adds a lot, when I see an item I immediately have a hunch considering its originality, second comes the cognitive aspect of studying the item carefully in search of red flags. But first impression remains crucial, and is better when the object is really there.
like everybody nowadays I also buy from internet, but you really learn the most by studying the objects in real life,
sometimes the photo's on internet don't represent the object exactly, I've been surprised both positively and negatively when an object arrived after buying it on internet. (there is a huge difference in the quality of photo's, those on the site of bertrand Malraux are the best, I don't like the quality photo's on the rittmeister).
Thirdly there is the fun of "treasure hunting", finding real treasures you were not looking for!!,Today I really liked the saxon Uhlan Tschapka, seen on one of the photo's, it was not perfect, (some disabilities, but genuine saxon corpus, wappen and feldzeichen, cocarde) thus genuine and very cheap, (as I promised my wife I did not spend money today, but I'm glad the tschapka was bought by a nice guy, I know, who had an enormous bargain.

So do visit the shows and study the objects displayed carefully, also when you are not interested in buying them, you learn from it.
In support of Michiel’s comments: There is nothing that equals actually going to a show and being able to lay hands on helmets to examine them closely and indeed, this also includes smell! The result of this hands on experience from many Shows is that the collector gets a sense of what is original and what is not. When I am at the SOS, I rarely pass up a chance to pick up a helmet and take a look, even if I know I can’t afford it or I already have an example in my collection. Every show should be a learning experience.
Regarding, a show not living up to expectations, at the SOS which I believe is the largest event in N America, 90% of the goods up for sale are not Imperial German. The Third Reich dominates the show. However, there are always hidden gems for us Imperial collectors to discover and some real surprises! You can’t beat the excitement of attending a Show ! 😀
I spotted a grey Mech shako in the first of the second series of pictures.
I am sure they wanted a fortune for it !
Thanks for sharing pictures of the event.