Cleaning and Maintaining Gilt/Silver/Chrome/Steel?

Jeff R

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There is a wealth of knowledge in the this Restoration section on specific heavy-duty topics - but I'd be interested in any tips on light cleaning/maintenance of leather and metal helmets and fittings. In particular, how best to clean for finger oils and general handling on gilded/silvered fittings and on chromed or blued steel helmet bodies? Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom! 😺
I use a feather duster to remove the dust off my helmets twice a year, sometimes more often. I generally wash my hands before handling my helmets. When I am visiting Tony S and going through his helmets, I wear cotton gloves. If I am cleaning a wappen, I use Hagerty Silver Foam, water and a soft toothbrush. There is another product called Never Dull which I have used to clean OR brass fittings. If I clean fittings, I only do it once.