Colonial Veteran Uniform


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Here is a nice example of a khaki color corduroy cloth Imperial German Colonial Bund uniform.

These Colonial Veteran uniforms could have been worn by Schutztruppen or the Polizeitruppe so RKB members could have served in either branch during the war. Of course the piping color determines where the man served. In this case blue piping indicates service in Sud-West-Afrika. This uniform is complete with the blue piped corduroy trousers as well. The Southern Cross patch is machine sewn on the lower left arm with the stitching not penetrating the lining. The silver color buttons have the Imperial crown of the German Empire and the metal badges are on loops.

Also, notice the period photographs of the uniform in wear by a veteran. These photos came with a collection of Weimar Republic Polizei photographs so the wearer in the photographs most likely served in the Polizeitruppe during the war and the Bavarian Police thereafter.


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Wow! Really a stunning tunic.
A few years ago a guy offered me to buy a similar one. I didn't take it and I regret not doing it.