Dragoner08 M42


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Gunnar ;
I am glad that your photos are up
Great helmet !

Thanks Brain for the post


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Verry nice helmet
One that is wurth to go on a centerpiece
You definitly cant mis that one :bravo:


Tony without Kaiser

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Holy... that is absolutely astounding! The Garde motto is hand painted yes? What do you think it is painted on?

Herzliche Glückwünsche Gunnar :thumb up:


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T. ;
As I look , it seems the enter center
is painted !
What great work
It is a real beauty
Gunnar will tell us



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Great helmet! And so tall...must have been a job balancing that little lot on top of your head.


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Thank you for your kind words.

Yes the emblem in the middle is hand-milled. The emblem is thus in its original version. It is not screwed, but fastened with leather wedges.

The helmet is very large and heavy. It must have been very hard to keep it on the head.

The eagle in this early version is bigger and heavier than the later eagle. It is made of nickel silver. Look at the feets. They are quite typical for early eagles. The eagle can be attached to the helmet in different ways.

The Kokarde is made of leather with a silver ring.

The helmet comes from an old collection from New York.

Best regards Gunnar


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Have you ever weighed this helme Gunnar? I can not imagine wearing that piece while riding a horse!


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The helmet weighs 1550 grams. It is also the height of the helmet, which makes it very difficult to wear this piece.

Regards Gunnar


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Hallo Francis, ich hatte noch nicht die Zeit es auszuprobieren. Mache ich aber noch.

Ja das Stück hat auch ein Innenfutter.

Gruß Dragoner08