Early French Indo-Chinese Salacco


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Here is my recent "find" from the French auction. This is the earliest pattern Salacco, which was worn by colonial soldiers from French Indo-China.



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How exactly was that worn? It looks like the soldiers are wearing a type of turban underneath this straw helmet.
It looks like wearing this was a rather involved process.

John :?


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Their hair is grown out and tied up then the salacco (conical hat) is worn over and tied to the head with a scarf - typically red scarf. This could explain why the hats evolved into the sloped version that could be more easily worn.

stuka f

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Hey Peter a friend of mine on a French forum is selling one for 300 euro.
Don't know if you might be interested...
I have asked to keep it it for a moment in order to contact you .
Don't know if you can see it on;