East Asian Shako

Hi Everyone

New to the forum and just thought I would share some of my collection. I currently post on Instagram under the same name as well as TooCoolMilitaria where I show off cool stuff that I find for sale online, but isn’t right for my collection.

I notice there isn’t a ton on here about colonial helmets which is my primary interest (at the moment).


Exact example shown in Pickelhauben reference book.

This just in from advanced guard’s latest update. I am super excited to own this extraordinarily rare Shako even if it was “collector repaired”. It seems like someone had the idea to replace the inner lining with a modern reproduction. The chin strap is also a repro AND the cockade is missing. The plus side is for the purposes of these photos my Seebataillon shako cockade will fit nicely. I also imagine the imperial cockade isn’t the hardest item in the world to find (if someone has a bead on one please let me know) The BAO 1901 stamp is nice a crisp and this helmet was almost certainly present during the boxer rebellion occupation period. The reich’s eagle is the extremely rare miniature version which I believe to be the rarest of all the standard issue colonial wappens. I was surprised to find the mounting brackets on the helmet were even miniature sized.

The first thing I do after receiving an item by mail is compare it to other reference material in books. To my surprise, this is the exact helmet photographed in Eric Johnson’s 1982 reference book Pickelhauben. Sadly the cockade is no longer present. This is the first time I have ever unknowing found one of my collectibles in a reference book.


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Thats a very attractive and I don't think Ive ever seen on of these.