Eisenbahn Regt. 2


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Here is the flag of an Eisenbahn unit that was removed from the pole .
There were only 4 flags made in the pattern for the Eisenbahn units
Another flag in this Prussian Garde Muster was carried by the Garde Pioneer Batl
That flag is located at the DHM
I believe this flag to be Eisenbahn Regt 2 / I Batl
SteveEisenbahn flag McFarland Collection.jpegE B flag center  McFarland.jpeg


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. So the question is, was the helmet originally an M1887?
It could be easily seen. Steve, please post a pict of the inside of the M91 side posts of your 1888/96 ER helmet.

Here is a pict of the inside and of the outside of a M87 helmet:



And now two inside picts of an old M87 helmet converted to a M95. You can see two things:

- the old trace of the M87 side post fixation stud in the leather
- the old traces of the M87 sewing. The new M95 sewing is the one on the top, after the cutting down of the M87.

Steve, you should have something similar in your helmet ;)



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I was just making a list of the units that
wore a silver Garde helmet .
There were 9 of them that I could find ; 1 G R zu Fuss ; Garde Fusiliers 5 G R zu Fuss ;
Garde Pioneers the 4 Eisenbahn units ; Kraftfahr Batl
and add the Landwehr units to make more than 9