Ersatz pickelhaube factory

Excellent Ron, thanks for posting your examples. Great to have 4 Heyden kit helmets to look at. Interesting to see once again the size number a "6" in this case hand drawn into the shell and stenciled on the front visor. In addition, another Henke pickelhaube, only this time the brass has not been darkened. It is very interesting to see the different variations produced by these two companies.
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Brian, it might be that somebody removed the darkening on the brass, but that's the way I got it, so... who knows.

:D Ron
This is a 3 year old post but the pictures are still cool.
It looks to me that the violin looking things are either liners or field covers .

The lady with a pile of wappens on her right looks to have a pile of visor trims on her left just in front of her.
I am going to try and repost my original pictures here. This was an excellent original photo which produced good discussion. The lady in question is obviously operating some sort of "press machine". It does look like a stack of visor trim to her left and Prussian wappen on the right.
I have one of these snapped together helmets.

No liner left in it, but you can see the spike is steel rather than brass, and the super thin brass wappen is attached with a single screw through the center of the eagle rather than with the peg through a slot like earlier ones.

The back of the wappen has never had a peg mount soldered onto it, and the original paint corresponds to the to wappen outline. So, screw attached only.

I think this type may have been made at the end of production for these helmets.

Also, on my helmet there is no slot cut into the crown of the helmet front for the corresponding peg mount that would ordinarily be on the back of the earlier manufactured helmets. Just a round hole for the screw that is in it.

No front visor trim or rear spine or holes for it either.

Like I said, I think this is one of the final variations of this type of helmet...