Ersatz tin helmets


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It has been quite a while since I have posted on this site.

I have seen these types of ersatz tin helmets over rhe years. They appear similar to the one-piece stamped out helmets that are normally green painted, but seem to be stamped out differently by a different maker.

Does anyone on the Site know more about these variations? BTW, the Wurt officer wappen is not correct, and was stuck onto this helmet by a previous owner.

Thanks, and will be interested in other people's opinions and findings.



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The Bavarian helmet was stamped out with more of a round front visor. The Wurt has the front visor stamped in more of a square shape.


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The Wurttemberg wappen is an officer’s so that definitely doesn’t belong on there. Good examples of the ersatz tin helmets, nice to have the liners present. The most well known Bavarian maker was Bing Brothers….Gebruder Bing who were toy makers before the war.


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Hey Brian, how have you been? I was thinking about you the other day while I was rebuilding some Prussian cuirass straps. Kind of tapping into my "inner Loree" while I puzzled out the most accurate way to rebuild them.

Yeah, I know the wappen is an officer version and not correct. Someone stuck it on there before me. I was going to replace it eventually.

The reason I'm posting these was that I was hoping more information concerning the makers for these variations may have come out. Perhaps like the info on the tin "kit" helmets that came out a few years back once somebody posted the photos of the factory where they were being assembled.

That one outstanding thread answered more questions concerning the kit variations than I had gleaned over decades of collecting.

Just kind of hoping that some of the other guys on the site might have examples they can post, and perhaps give some of their observations concerning them.