Etrichs Taube, or building an Aircraft

What a tiny rudder.
The Taube must have been difficult to fly.
You did a great job on the build.
In the linked Wikipedia about the Taube, they said that the Aircraft flyes stable and straight. But it was also hard to fly. It takes a bit of strengh to handle the control and it was difficult to fly curves.

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Here we go Gentleman,
if anybody want to be the owner of an aircraft...

Here are the scan of the kit. Print it on heavy paper or light cardboard.

Have fun, and feel like a aircraft entusiast at Kaisers Zeiten ;- )

If have the file in better quality but I cant post it here, because the size.


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Very cool video. It is very neat to see old aircraft concepts and designs brought back to life.
I could only imagine stepping outside one day, and seeing this casually fly overhead. That would be incredible.