„Fangschnur“ for Officers of the Bavarian Lancer-Regiment


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Hello all,
I found this Fangschnur in silver-blue but with open tassels, which is offered as a Fangschnur for a „Wachtmeister“.
Fangschnur Wachtmeister bayerische Ulanen-Regiment
Could this also be a Fangschnur for a Bavarian Ulan officer? Or was it a special design just for a Wachtmeister after introduction of the closed tassels for officers?
Thank you very much for your comments.
Hi Sandy,

The cords, slides and tassels for the Bavarian officer's fangshnur are different from this one...There is a good look at one in the Van Bosstraeten auction catalog on a Bavarian officer's tschapka.

The one Weitze has is similar to a Bavarian NCO but the cords are silver instead of white wool