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This wappen is being sold by a local dealer and I was considering putting in an offer until I looked very closely. It looks a bit odd to me shape wise – do you think it's been bent out of shape? The reverse in particular looks a bit deformed. The issues I noticed were:
FAR46 1.jpg
Front - The LOO bandeau seems lower than the WATER one and the GOHRDE bandeau seems bent in the middle. There's also some black paint on the eagles crown where the R of WATER is behind the crown - repainted?
FAR46 2.jpg
Reverse - The WATER bandeau seems to be too far behind the crown and the quality of the soldering looks like its been repaired (badly). The WATER bandeau is definately a lot lower than the LOO and where the two bandeaus appear at the sides the GOHRDE is higher and closer to the feathers than the PENINSULA one which sticks out more to the side.
When I started writing this, I was thinking I might make a cheeky offer. Now I've talked myself out of it :D
But for future reference, do any members have a FAR10/46 officer’s wappen that they could post a picture of the front and reverse please?
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Hi Jeremy, yes I saw the dealer having it for a while.

Age of Kings has a FAR10 helmet which you can take a look at the wappen.

Also here is the reverse of a M15 version.

Amy Bellars


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Your Wappen has a soldered on bandeaux, and I have found when Wappens are updated in such a fashion they can be a bit of a mess. Even some "specialty" Wappens can be pretty messy on the reverse side.

This is an example of an M42 Wappen updated to 1860 regulations:



Here is a "specialty" Wappen with multiple reinforcements:



Wappens were updated to meet current regulations, not to meet jewelry standards.
I believe the Wappen you have pictured is just fine.

John :)


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Another FAR 10/46 officer wappen from a helmet I just did some work on. This example is a complete stamping, no soldered bandeaux added.
The reverse:
Only the usual amount of solder here...just the two posts.
The helmet, a beautiful piece!

Tony without Kaiser

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This is all I can offer Jeremy. I sold this to a collecting friend so I can't send a reverse image.

As John said, Wappens updated to meet the 1899 Bandeau awards were often quite sloppy. The one below was made after that time.



Nice wappen, thanks for posting. I bought that one last year, it looks good but has been twisted a bit which is why the bandeaus are misaligned.
Merry Christmas