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Are those both actually Artillerie P08 mags? Incredible! Unobtainable here in Canada.

Fantastic photos. I love it! Well done. T
Yes, they are type 2 repros and they function well. Originals are like $1000 and then you have to try to hunt down the loading tool, but they make repros for $500 with the loading tool so I picked up a couple I was going to get three, but I figured not then there would be no more money for pickelhauben.
Ok this is all new to me, what is a Farb Kit ?? 😳
Farb is a term used in the reenacting/collector community to discribe a kit that would be historically inaccurate, cheap quality items, or just plain fantasy items made up by vendors. This kit is farb for WW1 because I am wearing a GM18 which wasn't mass introduced until 1918/mainly post war and then I have 2 LP08 "artillery" lugers which would be impossible. LP08 Lugers were issued to artillery gunners, pilots, and the other special troops and there are a few photos of stormtroopers carrying them and officers but it would probably be rare for an infantry soldier to have 1 let alone 2. There is a slight possibility the Freikorps wore Gm18s and carried artillery lugers but I wouldn't know.
If I would show up to a reenactment event like this I would be court marshalled and then dishonorably discharged!


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Ok, got it, thanks for the explanation! I did know about Arty Lugers and snail mags but Farb had me flummoxed.
Btw would you happen to know some vendors that have the best repro kokarden? I am building a repro leather shell m95 and repro felt shell Ersatz pickelhaube with original fittings, and I was wondering which repro kokarden would look best? Thanks.


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Unfortunately, I can’t give you a source as I don’t get into using them. Some other member should be able to help.