Feld Arty Regt 61 Hessen Up Dated 2021


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This uberzug which is shown in Joe's article, is a very special one and I have yet to have seen another like it. This is an officer /private purchase reversible uberzug from Hessen Feld Artillery Regt 61.This has the red pre war numbers and red maneuver band for the fall war games which I believe were held every September. If anyone out there in the collector universe has one one of these or can explain the white cloth tapes and various "extras" on this uberzug, please post a comment here. #Post updated and photos restored 2021-04-06. Five years later I am still seeking more information on this unique officer uberzug!
The front side showing the red pre war numbers of Hessen Feld Arty Regt 61. This is a private purchase officer model with cardboard stiffened visors and elastic sides for a better fit on the helmet. Note also the thread loop above the "61" which will be discussed later.
The back side with yet another thread loop. This cover is in excellent condition except for the moth eaten numbers.
The inside, is reversible showing the red maneuver band plus the white cloth tapes. Each cloth strip has a brass hook on the end so that it can attach to a thread loop also stitched into the upper part of the cover for storage when the uberzug is worn in the normal position. Note also, the usual DRP private purchase ink stamp.
A different viewpoint showing how the cloth strips are hooked inside to thread loops so that they are stored out of the way when the "red maneuver" side is not being worn. The thread loops on the outside of the uberzug indicate that the cloth strips could also be worn when not in the maneuver position. I have no explanation for this.
This obviously, is a "very different" private purchase reversible uberzug again, there is also an extra layer of cloth in the kugel, to prevent tearing. I really hope, that there is another one out there in a collection or at least, an explanation for the white cloth strips which are part of this unique piece.
The white tapes hooked into place on the maneuver side of the uberzug.
So, we have added many new members in the last 5 years. The most relevant comments from 2016 suggest that this is a referee's uberzug and that the extra white cloth strips are a means of identifying a referee during the Kaiser's maneuvers. This seems logical but hopefully someone can confirm this.
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Never seen those straps in an uberzug
Have no idea what the pupose is of these straps
Hopefully someone will come with the right answor



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No idea Brian, but that cover belongs in my collection :-x

That is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time.



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Col.J. The cover on the pointing soldier looks to me as that is a reversible cover, that is turned inside out and has a name tag on it.


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Thanks gentlemen. I am hoping that some of our European members have seen this or can get other collectors there to look at this and come up with an explanation. I believe some Europeans don't join the forum or do not comment because of the language difference....please do not let that stop you on this uberzug...if you know, make a comment....French, German, Russian I could care less, we will get it translated! Brian


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That's a super cool cover Brian! I've never seen those white "fore and aft" strips of cloth on a cover. It would make sense that they could be for a maneuver referee. Hopefully as you say, we will find out more on it!

I missed seeing this back in 2016 when you posted it.

The cover would look super cool with my Hessian artillery officer helmet of course. Just teasing you!

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