Filmposter wanted!


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This is a poster of a French/Canadian produced movie. The woman pictured, with the little child is the girlfriend of a friend of mine.
He knows this poster was displayed at a lot of schools in Canada. He tried to buy this poster, but it is not available.
Does anybody know of 1 for sale, or are there members here who happen to have one they would sell?

I would be very grateful for any tips, as my friend would be too.

Regards, Coert.


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Never seen that poster or heard of that movie. I would suspect that distribution was limited to Quebec only. Quebec has a rich cultural/ music scene but it is limited to this province.


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Well Brian, if you can find out more, or other members, I will be exceptionally grateful.


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Coert ;
Over here there are some dealers who 's business is to sell
old movie posters and " Lobby Cards "
there was one in Memphis but he closed
Have you tried looking there ?
Or Google it to see if anyone has it for sale ?


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Steve, I already searched on Google and e-bay, but no results yet.
I won't give up though.

Regards, Coert.

Peter B

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That was actually an episode of a TV series called "Les Grandes Reportages". So that is probably a picture from the episode. Unfortunately as it was not a movie, there would not be a movie poster.

Just noticed your comment about a poster being in schools. Maybe they did a special one just for that. If any still exist they would be in some store room in a school somewhere. Not sure if there is a way for you to contact the producers of the series?



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Thanks Peter! There is a vey nice picture to be found in the link you posted here. But I just cannot get it copied to my computer, I guess I am just too old for this stuff. Could you send it to me in a private message please? The picture of my friends girlfriend with suitcase and the little child?
I would be very pleased if that was possible, my mate too.

Thanks in advance!