french war bond posters


my latest find is a french poster.

I post it with 3 other war bond posters because I like them very much.

The latest find is a war bond poster from banque de province. (which is beautiful, and slighly atypical because the " poilu" is in a non heroic pose, and looking rather clumsy.

One of the others is very wel known "on les aura"

I specially like the poster with the father saying "au revoir" to his son.

Although it is not a pickelhaube, they are attractive and original more than 100 year old relics of the great war.

The photo's appear somewhat yellow because I made them without daylight,

They hang in our holiday house in the Belgian Ardennes, this in a french speaking region where they fit naturally very well.

(my spouse won't allow me to decorate our house in Holland with them, Happily they are tolerated in the Ardennes, along with swords bayonets cuirasses etc...), In Holland my collection is confined to a big vitrine with around 60 mutze and haubes, the rest in stowed in boxes till I can create a man's cave in our house. (when the children go to college in the future).

Hope you like them,


on les aura.jpgbanque de province.jpg3e emprunt.jpgpour le supreme effort.jpg


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Very nice collection. Really nicely displayed. I am also only able to display a small number of my posters, away from the public area of the house!


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These are really nice would they be same ones that were on Catawiki a few weeks ago?