Hello from Brugge (Bruges) Belgium.


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Dear All,
finally made it!
Promised Brain some (long) time to introduce myself on this great forum.
I'm a non active collector, was lucky to swop or trade pickelhaubes during the eighties.
This resulted in a small collection (still in the flesh) of non officier pickelhaubes and some 'wappen'.
Still have a wide interest in WW1 and especially in America and WW1.
Plse find some pics from a decade ago and yes as usual:
pictures will follows.
unquote :)


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Hi Marty,
Yes, welcome aboard. It looks like your German headgear collection is quite nice. You mentioned collecting American WWI items do you have anything you would like to show us?
Best regards


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Thank you all for your welcome.

@ JohnS3rd: sorry for my belated reponse but I have to disappoint You, perhaps my introduction wasn’t so clear
as I have no American WO1 collection (or US-WO2), mainly German en Belgian items.

However, as the First World War is perhaps the major chapter in American history in all areas (home-oversesas-etc.),
it caught my interest long time ago. Paid visit to Michigan Historical Center for the Polar Bear Expedition, Arlington,
Palm Spring Air Museum (some WO1 artifracts), travelled through Northern-France visiting US/WO1 cemetries and monuments.

And yes overhere, we are fully aware about the American warfare during WO2, reading the books, visited the US-battle scenes,
cemetries & museums. Regarding US/WO1… barely is known and available.

‘America and WW1 – a Traveller’s Guide’ written by Marks D. Van Ells is even important to me as 'Helmets.....' by Col. Rankin at the time:).



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Welcome Marty. It is not a surprise the amount of material that is available on the US's entry into WWI. 1 year compared to 4 is a significant difference but can you imagine the consequences if the US had not joined!!!!


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Hello Marty
A nice collection, prior to Covid I worked on the P&O Ferries from UK (Hull) to Zeebrugge. Your town & chocolate are both very nice. I never found anything for my collection but there are some very stunning memorials around Zeebrugge.


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Thank you and correct Mark.
And yes what if, it’s a very debatable item,…how it might been otherwise and this at both sides of the ocean.


Hi Steve, thank you for yr kind words.
What a coincidence, was working at Zeebrugge as well, maritime & logistics all kinds.
Felt very modest to operate on WW1 historical grounds as Zeebrugge was known for his german subs and planes
and the English Raid on 23th April 1918.





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Hello Marty, Re 23 April 1918 the memorial to the Royal Marines is superb giving a full account of the raid and those involved. The nearby church had some really interesting memorials to both German & British servicemen. The Lock gates and canal were of interest to me from Zeebrugge to Bruges as the was the route the Flanden Flotilla of Subs/ U boats would take. My grandfather was a Merchant Navy Captain and had two 'incidents' with this Flotilla. Both caused him problems...... Small world isn't it! Regards Steve PS The local beer is very nice also :)