Help needed with Prussian KugelHaube


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Can anyone help me with identifying this Haube?
There doesn’t seem to be any markings that I can see?
The chin strap and cockades seem to be original?
There is another original hole behind the front plate. (See pictures)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.48025DB2-5670-464D-8847-55C56DE69F19.jpeg48025DB2-5670-464D-8847-55C56DE69F19.jpeg9A7F3472-6BCA-410B-BC83-965058C04A78.jpeg07564D61-3893-4FD3-8F88-ADBEF563FC30.jpeg3FB64B7C-D5BF-4842-A576-911F6F1404BF.jpeg24F5ABD7-FEE6-43AC-BAC0-B606400E3945.jpeg5CE24573-A2ED-487A-AC04-B76E84F424F6.jpegBB35048D-FBE1-4BDF-B1E1-74E8633B561C.jpeg558C1E34-9FAF-41C5-876D-3BD003F1E7A8.jpeg


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The extra hole may be because the haube may be a refit to the 1915 requirements. It looks to be a Kogelhaube to an Artillery Regiment from Lübeck possibly the Reserve-Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 17 which was assigned to the 17th Reserve Division. Any marking on the rear visor may indicate the organization it was assigned.