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Good day Gentlemen,

I was passing a bit of an occasion/car boot today fairly late on and decided to call in, I enquired at one particular stall if they had anything military, the gentleman showed me this group of medals and I made him what I thought was more than a decent offer, which he accepted

When I was leaving, he was close to the exit, he asked me if I was interested in a "helmet with a spike" which came from the same place as the medals, he produced the helmet from the boot of his car, I asked him how much he wanted and he replied "because you have been OK with me you can have it, I said I couldn't do that and made him an offer, he said just give me £25.00 which I did.

I haven't got a clue about the helmet, it looks rough and I would welcome your comments.

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We need more photos of the helmet to offer an educated opinion. From the one photo we have, I would initially guess this to be one of the English reproductions that came out in the 1960's and 70's. Not to be dismayed; however, at 25 pounds you didn't lose anything. There is a collectors market for the British reproductions and some of those bring big dollars.

The medal grouping is excellent --- congratulations.

John :)


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Yup, it's a repro, but at 25 sterling, not a bad deal. You can wear it for parties! I know nothing about medals, but they certainly look great!

:D Ron