help with the forum

Gentlemen, your contributions and sentiments are much appreciated. Many thanks for your financial assistance here. Brian
No Brian, thank you, we would not be here if you had not given us the forum.
zipperheads9 said:
I did not ,on this forum .
Mark :D

Oh I missunderstood, but wait a minute, your last response implys that you have called me a butt elsewhere. One of my fovorite quotes from Shakespear is "I am an ass, though it be not written down"
Best wishes
Many thanks to all who have contributed once again to help with the hosting fees for the forum. My only regret is, that despite over 700 members it is always the same loyal few who answer the call and help out. Thank God for the loyal few! Again, much appreciated gentlemen. Brian
Hey Brian,
I am a bit slow, and things are tight here, so it is a bit light, James is going to buy me a lottery ticket, and when I win, I will give you half of his half.
No problems Gus. Thanks! Iam all over half of James half...just make sure you win big.
Hey Brian, it is all up to James getting a good ticket:) The last lotterie I won, had the lotterie abolished, and I did not get my winnings, that was back in the early 70s, I did not complain, as it was the draft, so my lotterie winnings have not been especially grand.
Guys, this has been a great experience so far :thumb up: .

Brian, I just emailed my share to you and many thanks again.
Thank you Ron. It is great to have a relatively new member so active on the forum, keep it up!
I just made a small donation via paypal to keep this excellent forum going!

Best regards,

Likewise. well worth it for hours of education and enjoyment

Almost worth the money for Gus's avatar alone!

OK patrick, don't make me get all stinky on you! Thanks to all you who have stepped up to help with the cost of the forum, if you think about how much a magazine subscription costs, a few buck for the forum is a bargin.
To sweeten the pot, I will donate room and oard in Canada for anyone who contrubutes, all I need to know is what time you will be crossing the boarder, and at what crossing (the time limit and location of your free lodging will depend on the judge)