Hessen m15 spike....

For all of you that are looking for a M15 Hessen spike....

Thanks! Its now on my watchlist. I still need a Hessen spike for my M15. If I win it, I'll swop the Prussian spike on on it for the Hessen one, and sell the Prussian M15 here. As I already have 2 Prussian M15's.
Yeah, I've been watching that since day one. Hopefully someone from the forum end up with it. I'm sure most of us need one.
Well, the bidding ended at $455, I was trying to bid on it too, but couldn't as the seller wouldn't ship to Europe unfortunately.
I unfortunately got it taken out from under ms, the auction ended while I was asleep.
That's dirty, I would contact Ebay and report him. Out of stock or damaged that's complete bull, I'm with Steve I'd bet someone contacted him and offered more.

I think you can do something about it, contact Ebay for sure. regards John Josef
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I agree with Steve and John on this. It seems a dirty trick. I even sent the seller a message, asking him if he would sent to my country, and got no reply back. I only found out when I tried placing a bid that it wasn't possible as the seller wouldn't post to the Netherlands, according to ebay.