Hessian FAR25 Officer Helmet 1915 model with the swords

Beautiful helms as always Steve, if you ever want to double your money on some of those old deals from the golden days give me a shout ;)(y)(y)
While we are on Hessian artillery, can anybody explain why some helmets have 2 domes on the rear spine while some do not? Does it have anything to do with pre-war vs wartime?
Hey Dick. I don’t think I’ve seen a Hessen Artillery with any studs after the 1867-1871 experiment? Two studs on the rear visor to me means any helmet made prior to 1867 or Dragoner for the entire Imperial period.

All the helmets being shown are jaw-droppin. Absolutely stunning. Thank you for showing these.
Tony; Nice to hear from you! On pg 207 of The German Artillery by Herr and Nguyen they show an officers helmet with 2 studs on the rear spine and say it was for the version worn after 1897. The ones shown do not have the rear spine studs, so are they pre 1897? Cheers. Dick