Home Service Helmet to an Inspector of Army Schools


This is an Edwardian home service helmet with tin to Inspector of Army Schools Captain James Cunningham. James served as an Army Schoolmaster for 22 years, serving all over the British Empire, notably in India, Malta, and Ireland. He was promoted from an army schoolmaster to an Inspector on July 30, 1902 and held a position at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School and then returned to Ireland to serve with the Irish Command at Cork in 1912. I have not been able to find a picture of him yet, but will keep trying.

The Inspectors together oversaw the Corps of Army Schoolmasters as a whole and helped provide a secure education to the Army from 1845-1920. There were only around 20 Inspectors at a given time with ranks ranging from lieutenants to major. Due to the scarcity of items relating to the inspectors, it has been very difficult for me to find anything to compare with. I have only found one picture which depicts an Inspector in his uniform, which I have also posted here. It is from a 1901 army and navy illustrated newspaper article about the Duke of York’s Royal Military School.

The helmet is in mint condition with virtually no damage whatsoever, likely due to the fact that it was very rarely worn by the inspectors. The helmet tin is labeled to J. Cunningham Esq. and under it the initials I.A.S. for Inspector of Army Schools. It also comes with the original and equally rare tunic and belt, both of which match their description according to the 1900 dress regulations. I will post those 2 here as soon as I am able to get a good picture of them.





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Beautiful Helmet!Thank you for sharing it and the informations. Hope you‘ll find a picture of the owner :bravo: