Hussar Regiment #20 de troupe


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I have posted this piece previously but now that we have a section devoted to the busby, the photos and description belong here. A trooper busby marked to HR 20. King of Saxe 3 Husaren Regt. Nr 20, formed 1910, Headquarters: Bautzen, XII A K. The musicians parade plume which is not quite regulation, came with the piece and is real horse hair. The piece is also marked and dated under "la flamme". The photos:

The Saxe feldzeichen is hand stitched as is correct. The seal fur is in fantastic shape, no missing hair. The wappen shield has a light silver wash over brass metal. The original chin strap is also in excellent condition. I do not feel that this piece was ever issued.






Side view under la flamme which shows how the seal hide is stitched together. I have no explanation as to the brightness of these fittings, perhaps they are plated? The cane construction under the seal skin is correct and looks original, it has been shown previously. It is very faint, but in natural light, I see the date 1918 stamped under the 20 HR shown here.


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Brian ;
Very nice
The only thing that I notice is the " peg "
at the end of the Fangschnur .
Aint that a beauty
This one has at least al its fur on it , have seen some other ones but they where bald

Nice catch :thumb up:

Thanks guys, Steve I have no explanation for that. This is exactly how it came to me when I bought it. The dealer actually thought it might be a repro/fake because it was in such great condition and it was priced accordingly. So, I got a bargain on this one, for once, which every collector deserves! This is one of my most treasured pieces in my collection.
Looking great!

The date of 1918 might indicate that is was supposed to be worn with the friedensuniform.

I've seen more of these "pale" fittings, they look a lot like anodized aluminum...

Brian ;
Nothing to be concerned about
IF the little peg is incorrect
then that makes the helmet
99.9 % correct
I would not know how to correct that
even if not correct
that "log " as I remember
is part of the end of the Fangschnur
How could it be added , anyway ?
Many thanks Karel and Steve, as always, great to have you with us here on the forum.
It is always nice to see this beautiful busby again, Brian. Probably the most difficult headgear to be found in good condition, especially enlisted examples. Have you ever restored one?
Pics have now been reposted Edwin....thanks for giving me a small push to get working on restoring my pics. :thumb up:
I was taking another look at my 20 HR busby today and actually removed the blue cloth bag covering the top of the piece. Many collectors don't know that on these OR busbies the flamme/cloth top is stitched to a ring of spring steel which is compressed when in position thereby securing it to the seal skin top. The ring also fits under the hooks stitched to the top of the busby as shown below. I must add.....I have seen the officer version and sergeant's version of this 20 HR busby but NEVER an OR's example like this one from my collection. IF ANY OTHER MEMBER has one of these, please post it here for comparison. Some photos taken today:
Flamme removed sorry, I don't know the proper German word for this. 20 HR stamping.
Flamme removed showing the ring of spring steel to which it is stitched. I should probably try to vacuum some of the dust from this cloth.
The underside showing how the circle of cloth is hand stitched around the steel ring.
Beautiful busby! The Hussar Regiment #20 de troupe has great taste!

The shade of blue in the inner hat nicely compliments the pink horsehair

Is this a replica or an actual antique?

If so, it was preserved very well.


I can provide that Bruno. It is the typical structure. PM....this is no reproduction and yes, excellent condition.