Imperial Shoulder Straps for Sale

Mike H

Shoulder straps are really great to display with headgear from the particular Regiment you are interested in. This is what I was encouraged to do from some members here -- thank you, Jim and Steve -- but these no longer fit my particular focus. Both are in excellent condition.

1. Kgl. Bayr. Ulanen Regiment “Kaiser Wilhelm I, Konig von Preussen” Straps. Oberst Rank (Regimental commander). Condition 2+.

Price: $300.00

2. Nassauisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 88 Straps with “K” cypher. Oberleutnant Rank. Larger size. Condition 2+. What I like about the cyphers which recognize royalty who were non-German is they are usually much "deeper". More three-dimensional, as you can see with these IR88 straps which honored King Konstantin of Greece.

Price: $250.00

Payment by PayPal is acceptable and preferred using the friends and family option. Shipping cost will depend on destination and either USPS Priority or FedEx. Tracking information provided and very careful packing.



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