Infantry Officers epaulettes


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A boxed pair of Prussian Grenadier Regt 1. I like G R 1 to 12 and try to collect their epaulettes .Grenadier Regt 1.JPG


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One of my favorite pairs . Fusilier Regt 34 .The chef of the regiment was the Queen of Sweden
SteveF R 34  E.jpeg


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A boxed pair of Wurttemberg I R 124 .The rank of Major for a non active officer .The extra line of Wurttemberg
colors in the metical tape shows that he is no longer on active duty .Also the horns around the fabric are in silver
For an active officer the horns would be gilt
SteveMajor I R 124.JPG


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Bob ;
Mecklenburg D R 17 and D R 18
No , sorry to say that I do not . I am looking for them if I could locate at a decent price .
I do have the officers and enlisted shoulder straps.
I have a single Generals strap for D R 17
Why do ask ? Are those regiments that you look for ?
I have an officer helmet in silver trim D R 18
SteveD R 17  D R 19.JPG
F F D R 17.jpeg
D R 17 M1915 McFarland.JPG


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Very nice Steve! I have an officer's sword from one of those Regiments. At some point I'd like to get a shoulder strap or epaulette to display with it. Cheers!
Those Mecklenburg "guys" are great Steve !
Just love them...
I've got one EM DR18 but its my favorit by far !


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I agree with Bob, Sandy and 2nd Liebhusar - and very nice helmets 2nd Liebhusar.
I used to have a DR18 em’s tunic, but after 25 years of trying to acquire a Pickelhaube to go with it and having decided to concentrate of the Garde Regiments a few years ago, I traded it last year.
Thank you Michael, my DR18 comes from a collector who owned it for 35 years.
I also have to say that I've never seen one for sale in the last 20 years, so I'm extra happy to have it with me now.
Too bad your jacket is gone but certainly understandable ..( love your Gardes in the background..)


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Great D R 18 enlisted helmet .Some collectors only go for officers helmets , but I like both officer
and enlisted .Sometimes it is easier to locate an officers helmet than the enlisted
I agree with you on that Steve ....
EM helmets are more difficult to obtain than officers of these regiments and certainly the so-called Kammerstück helmets (which is mine, thankfully)


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I would go for an OR’s regimentally marked helmet over an Officer private purchase any day.