Information sought on Solingen and Budapest marked sabre.


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I picked this one up back in the early 1980's, don't remember exactly where. I do not have the scabbard for it.

The miniature "Kinder Sabel" child's version shown in the photo with it, I picked at an antique and collector's market in Munich, Germany, in the winter of 1995.

The little child sword is definitely patterned after the design of the real sword, which seems to have been a popular pattern for German swords.

The fullsize one is marked WEYERSBERG & STAMM SOLINGEN on the left side of the blade, and BUCHLER & (BALSNTZ or DALSNTZ ? it's hard to make out exactly) BUDAPEST on the right side.

It does have a little bit of a bend in the blade, about half way down or so.

Any information, comments and observations, and value estimates on both would be appreciated.

These have been a part of my collection for many years, now I figure it's time to pass them on to someone else who will appreciate and protect them, and sell them to raise funds for the dog and wolfdog rescue we run, so I will be putting them up for sale here.

Please forgive the low quality of the photos, but they are the best I can do with my old and marginal little camera.

The regular sword appears to be standard Austrian D guard sword. Value $250 or so. Weyersberg is maker mark, other one is probably distributer or Store markings.

Kinder sword is similar pattern, they go for $150 to $200

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