IR88 Nassauisches nr2 haube, enlisted men.


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Gents, this helmet is for sale now on ebay. I know the guy who sells it, but is it a genuine one?
To me it looks legit. Nice correct markings, and a rare wappen.
Any comments on it are welcome, as I intend on purchasing it, but I have to be sure.

Regards, Coert.
Like Philippe,
beautiful and good helmet. On the other hand, the roundels are clearly copies (well identified, on sale for 10€ on the net). The central hole is too trumpet-shaped, and the central spokes are too much like daisy petals. Similarly, I don't like the chinstrap, especially when the axis of the sliders isn't offset. I'd have to look at the stitching, but it shouldn't be right.

So you have to value this helmet at what it's worth... minus €200 for the chinstrap and €150 for the roundels! Of course, those who don't see the value of the helmet will have their eyes watering afterwards.


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I wondered about a couple of things regarding this helmet. I've always seen these with the bandaus soldered on. Did they stamp these in one piece? (I really don't know.) Also, should these little 'dots and boogers' be of concern? Of course, I've wondered about things before and been told I'm nuts, so I'm probably nuts.


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I assure you, you're not crazy. On the contrary, counterfeiters are getting better and better at imitating, and you have to be extremely fussy and vigilant to identify copies, whether of cokades, plates or chinstraps. By definition, they are 'reproductions', and so they copy the authentic ones... identically. Fortunately, for the time being, careful and suspicious examination still allows us to distinguish the real from the fake...
As far as helmet plates are concerned, on the whole I always try to get at the back, and in particular the fastenings and welds. At the Epernay fair (France), I saw a Chapska of the UR7, the plate was absolutely undetectable from the front as a copy. It was stamped to perfection.
Concerning the eagles with banners:
---0fficer: still a "Koenig" eagle of the line, with banners attached and soldered with tin.
---Enrolled group: After the Kaiser's AKO of 1899, the eagles already on the helmets of the active regiment (Waterloo, Peninsula, Belle alliance etc...) had the banners attached and soldered. Subsequently, however, the newly-issued helmets were fitted with new plates stamped in a single sheet of brass or nickel silver.
According to this topic:
The bandeau's of enlisted men were alway's part of the wappen, according to Tony, and the topic-starter.
Then again, I had a wappen with the Waterloo bandeau soldered on, and a lot earlier a helmet with the bandeau Waterloo and wappen pressed as 1 piece. That helmet was a later piece, dated 1912,or13, can't remember exactly anymore. I sold it years ago, the wappen with the soldered on bandeau I sold a few months ago, to a forummember.