Issued M95 stamped Waterloo Wappen to sell

Tony without Kaiser

Staff member
Issued M95 stamped Waterloo Wappen. At some point the leg with the orb snagged on something, causing a crack where the leg meets the body, and the orb was lost. Leg crack has been soldered some time ago, with a small bit of solder visible on the front, and the missing little cross was fabricated and soldered on, probably by a collector.

Both M95 loops are intact.The front still retains its bright gilt finish with little patina, and the Waterloo Bandeau still retains most of its black paint so it is a very presentable example of a scarce Wappen.

Because of those repairs I am asking only $300 USD + postage.

I will also consider trades for any Wappens on my want list HERE.

If you have questions or would like extra photos, email, I am happy to oblige. Full guarantee as to originality, a full week inspection if you need it. I would prefer Paypal if you use the "Family/friends option so I do not get hit with the fee. Unfortunately, postage overseas is ridiculous, but of course possible. My email is [email protected]