J-L.Larcade Auction. 28th Jan 2023. Nevers. France

Kavallerie folders. Great photographs. Great studies.
-And two books. The "Pickelhauben" by Eric Johansson and the one on the right: "Königreich Württemberg-Die militärischen Kopfbedeckungen"-Wannenwetsch und Hilsenbeck.
-And: surprised to find a large print:
Of my favourite photograph. Volume II. page 7.


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-Finally finished translating the captions on the 59 Auction [Helmet]-Lots of the J-L. LARCADE Collection. [January 28th 2023 in Nevers; France]. Interesting. Good photo's. For me it was clear that this captions must have come from Mr. J-L. Larcade himself. Thus making worth to do the work.
-I checked the hammer prices. It was clear that the auctioned helmets went well below the actual prices. Some rare birds. Many of these were used and pictured in both Volumes of his fine books.
-I checked the old "Fiches Technique" of the French Uniformes Magazine to find out that 29 of the pictured helmets on these Fiches/cards were auctioned.
I had a great time to figure these things out. Not the least to honour the fine work by Monsieur J-L. Larcade.
Lot 03: Kü 1 M1867: Other Ranks: hammer: 1320 €-Lot 34: IR 88: OR-hammer: 1775€-Lot 35: IR 73 M1860-hammer 1580€- Lot 7: Bay Cuir. M1848. "M" for Maximilian II. Hammer 1500 €. As far as I can see are these the 1870-1871 Battlefield/Lazarett pick-ups. 1914 Marne BF pick-ups as well.
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