J R 111


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I am doing a visor restitch (both) on an M15 Baden haube at the moment. It has interesting regt. markings which we rarely see on an M15, at least in my experience.
The painted Regt. Number and date is usually associated with older pre M15 helmets. The helmet also has the correct ink stamped Korps number: BAXIV 1915 stamped on the inside rear of the shell. Again one would usually see this on the inside rear visor. Again, these statements of mine are just that...what I have seen in 40+ years of collecting in N America. The European experience could be completely different. I will post a photo of the helmet when it is finished.
It seems to me that was a standard for JR. 111 every helmet that I've seen from that regiment has painted marks. But I do also have a helmet which was stamped to the 91st in 1904 and had the markings for III L.J.R.85 painted on at a later date.
Very interesting Amy, I guess this painted markings were a tradition in JR 111. Thanks for posting examples from your collection.
Yes Brian. It looks like the JR 111 marked their helmets with white paint. GR110 stamps on the visors. Same for JR170 on the rear visors