Joe Robinson Kammer Marks part 1 and 2


thanks to fellow forum members, especially SEPTHES for proving me the PDF's, we now have the Kammer markings files from Joe as well. in 2 parts



  • Kammerstempel_Infantry 1 - KBAG-IR 135 (2).pdf
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  • Kammerstempel_Infantry 2 - IR 136-Mar IR Nr 3.pdf
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Excellent James and my thanks as well to those members who helped out. These list resources can not be replaced.


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Joe no longer collects pickelhauben and his focus has changed to writing and publishing books on the Historical events of WW1 and Germany's role in the war. At least, this is my impression. It was very kind of him to give us digital copies of those lists. James, myself and our wives had lunch with Joe and his wife in Florida in Dec. 2021.


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I noticed in the Kammer Marks for Pioneer units, there is no Kammer Mark for PB 11 presently available.
Could somebody add it to the list, so it would be seen when people search for it?
Here's my P11 marked haube, with Kammer Mark :
Pionier M95 7.jpg
Feel free to add it to the list!

Regards, Coert.