Kaiserliche Marine Deckoffizier Schirmmutze

Tony without Kaiser

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Trying out the new Marine Forum with an old friend that I sadly had to let go. Every time I look at the photos I regret selling it. I promised Dr. Adorable a new garage in 2017 and some things had to go to pay for it. Oh well...

Here is the link to the Deckoffizier below http://www.kaisersbunker.com/km/km16.htm



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Great piece Tony!

I know we have all had to do it at some point, selling a piece we love, situations sometimes dictate it, however I have regretted almost everyone I have sold.



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Great cap, one I would like to hav one. Anyone have an idea of what this Schirmmutze is? what.jpg The Schirmutze appears to be an Army type with two cockades, but above the top cockade is the crown and ribbon of a Deckoffizier, It is a period photo.


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Very nice indeed, excellent condition. I have never ventured into the naval side of things.