Kaiser's Bunker Farewell to Fredericton

Tony without Kaiser

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The end of an era. After 22 years in this beautiful small city of Fredericton New Brunswick, we are moving away to a new home in a different city.

In preparation, I have been packing for several months. All the Royal Flying Corps, CEF (Canadian 1st War), steel helmets, Pickelhaube Wappens, edged weapons etc. have all been packed. The final pack was the Imperial German rooms. And this is the big weekend.

I knew the new house could not accommodate my entire collection, so I over the last two years I have sold 44 Uniforms, 53 Helmets, and 57 cloth caps. What you see in the photos below are what remains. My favourites.

Years back, I worked at the Combat Training Centre HQ, and the Commanding officer once told me; "If you are being run out of town, you might as well head to the front and make it a parade".

So we held a final parade. :salute:






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Truly the end of an era and the beginning of another life chapter. Despite recent sales, The Bunker Collection remains World Class! Congratulations on the move and the new house. All the best. :thumb up:



Well done on your final parade!
Good luck on the move, perhaps you can post photos of your new man cave after you get it set up.



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Still a magnificent collection despite the sales. I had to move six years ago and found that my newly assigned collection room was not as "user friendly" as the one I left. Moving is always a pain, but often quite worth the hassle. I wish you the best of luck. Enjoy your new "digs".

John :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

Jaap Verduijn

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Tony, I wish you and yours the very best of lives in your new home! As for your collection of Pickelhauben and related head gear: even after the trimming it's still considerable in number, and truly astonishing in quality! All the best, mate!


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It is still an amazing collection you have tony
I would be pleased wit it

Have fun in your new home



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Magnificent! Thank you for sharing these pics! Love the last one. The beer; and the grin on your face! Proud man! The guy on the left has the same grin!


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Hi Tony,

You still have a magnificent, world-class collection that looks absolutely spectacular! Congratulations on such a fantastic accomplishment! :bravo: =D>

And congratulations on your move to your new home with your wife!

Have fun unpacking everything!

Best Wishes,