Kgl. Bayer. 5. Infanterie-Regt. Offizierstellvertreter Litewka

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Tony ;
In that photo I see a Bavarian uniform with a strap # 5 While I am not too much on Bavarian items in general Is that a uniform of an Officer Stellvertreter ?
That is really nice I have a Wurttemberg I R Officer Stellvertreter Waffenrock You know that I am crazy about that rank and I buy what straps that I can

Here you go Steve, I thought I would start a new thread.

Firstly, Dunkelblau Litewka are exceptionally difficult to find. Consequently, this is one of my favorite uniforms, and the only one displayed without headgear and it's just too good to be distracted by a piece of headgear.

What makes this Litewka so interesting, is that it is a hybrid of two patterns of Litewka. Like the Model 1896 Litewka it is dark blue with Waffenrock shoulder straps and NCO Tresse that runs along the top of the collar. However, the cut is that of the Model 1904 Litewka which was (by regulation) made from grey cloth and fitted with two hip pockets. On the Model 1904 Litewka the NCO Tresse was to run along the bottom of the collar.

Thirdly, the rank of Offizierstellvertreter was a war-time only rank, which means that this Litewka was worn only after Aug 1914 in the Bamberg garrison of Kgl. Bayer. 5. Infanterie-Regt. Großherzog Ernst Ludwig von Hessen.

Here is the link if anyone is interested.




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Tony ;
Excellent post
and thanks for the detailed info
and the photos .
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Just a stellar and out of this world litewka! Such a deep color with those eye-popping lace details! The condition is absolutely impeccable!!!