KR2 officer helmet. Early model


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Hi Bruno,

Thanks for posting it! I remember it well when it looked like this!

You did a fantastic job of cleaning it up and bringing it back to its glory! :bravo:

Best Wishes,



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Yes! I am so grateful to Alan who found this helmet and sold it to me.
You see, Brian, it is mostly happy deals on

And I insist, this is exactly the same helmet below, with the only exception of one spike basis retaining stud and black ink on the scroll.

That is absolutely beautiful. I have a 2.K. unit marked Luger, but I know that I would never be able to afford such a helmet, even if I could find one. Heck, I can't even find a front plate.


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Congratulations Bruno, truly an excellent restoration on a very rare helmet!


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Many thanks to all for your comments. These officer early helmets were not Ni-plated, like later models, which makes restoration considerably easier. Only bare steel to be polished (perhaps some of these were actually plated; happy to learn if some of you know...).
On this one even the liner string is original. The leather lining inside the visor has turned light brown, although a tiny amount of remaining dye confirms it used to be green in colour.