Kronprinz Helm sold in 2005

Seagull ;
A good idea
The person who can locate a helmet or uniform to a Royal and post
it does not have to own the item .
Just a nice show and tell .
Here is one that I owned in the past .
The helmet of Carl Edward as Chef of I R 95 .
I bought this from Kube back before everything had to go
to the auction .It as expensive . After a couple of years went by
Kube contacted me and wanted to buy the helmet back .
He had a customer who wanted the helmet .
I sold it back to Kube .
The Generals feathers are green and white .
SteveHelmet of Carl Edward as Chef of I R 95.jpeg
Steve, it was the "show and tell" aspect that I thought might fly? I know these things are rare as unicorns but their historical importance is educational to us all. Many thanks for your pictures and recollections in this post : this stuff SHOULD be remembered.
A set from the former McFarland collection .Epaulets and shoulder straps from the 1 Garde Uhlan Regt.
as worn by Fred II of Baden
Col . General with the honorary rank of General Field Marshall
4 rank stars without crossed GFM batons which were no longer allowed for that rank
Steve1 Garde Uhlans Fred II  of Baden.jpeg
A few years ago a collector friend of mine who I have known since the 1970's owned the uniform of
Max of Baden from the Baden Dragoon Regt 20 .
Later he changed directions for his collection and sold or traded the uniform .
I think that it is now in a private collection in Europe
Here are the photos .
SteveBaden D R 20  Max of Baden.jpegBaden D R 20 Max of Baden a.jpeg
Steve, it's a privilege to see these really significant artefacts from the past.
Thanks for sharing them.