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I have done a post on spike comparisons, here is one on artillery kugels. It comes as no surprise that yet again there is "Variety" in manufacture.

Oddly enough, the oldest of these 4 with the old style OR is the tallest. The second from the left with the pinkish patina is from a OYV Saxe helmet that I am working on at the moment. The patina is the result of being put through a "sonic cleaning". This will disappear after further cleaning with Haggerty's. Note the long neck which to my eye suggests a late 1890's origin and the tall fashion spikes. All of these kugels unscrew for the trichter. The officer kugel has a slight tilt due to the fact that it needs it's square nut resoldered to the interior of the neck. We can also see, how the circular top of the kugel necks (left and far right) differ from the 2 private purchase pieces.

The Saxe kugel is an Awes Marke piece. It's wappen has the O marke for the Osang company.


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A very nice study Brian! Thanks for sharing this with us!

I'm happy to know about the Awes Marke kugel base, and the Osang marked wappen on my helmet!

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