Kurrasier Regiment Kaiser Nickolaus I von Russland (Brandenburgisches) Nr. 6 Waffenrock


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May I present to you a very interesting and rather rare grouping. The rarity comes primarily from the waffenrock. This was the only regiment permitted to use a different facing color on it's waffenrock. You will note that facing color on the 6th Kurrasiers Koller is blue. The regiment was given special permission to use red on the collar and cuffs because those Prussians fashionistas thought the blue would not stand out with the blue of the waffenrock. So as you can see the shoulder straps have light blue edging around them but the facing colors are red.




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John ;
Great display. Thanks for the photos .
I had never looked at a Waffenrock for K R 6 ,
so I was not aware of the red collar and cuffs .
I think this is the first one that I have seen
A good lesson
from the quality of the shoulder straps it appears
to be a private purchase
Extra nice !