Live Auctioneers was hacked


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July 11, 2020 - LiveAuctioneers Account Security
Last Update: July 12, 2020 @ 11:04am ET

We take the protection of member information very seriously. We are deeply sorry for any concern or inconvenience this may have caused, and are working quickly to take the appropriate steps to prevent such incidents in the future. We hope that in time we can regain your trust, which we value above all. Below is an update on the latest information we have on a data security issue involving LiveAuctioneers account information.

What Happened
As of July 11th, 2020, our cybersecurity team has confirmed that an unauthorized third party accessed certain user data through a security breach at a LiveAuctioneers data processing partner that occurred on June 19, 2020.

LiveAuctioneers was one of a number of their partners who have experienced a breach from an unauthorized party since this data processing partner’s security was compromised. Our cybersecurity team has ensured the unauthorized access has ceased.

What Information Was Involved
As our investigation continues, our cybersecurity team has confirmed that the affected information includes:

Email addresses
Mailing addresses
Phone numbers
Encrypted passwords

Not all of this information may have been present on your account. Additionally, our cybersecurity team has confirmed that complete credit card numbers were not accessed, and we have no reason to believe auction history was affected.

What LiveAuctioneers Users Can Do
As of July 11th, for added security, we disabled all bidder accounts’ most recent LiveAuctioneers password. We encourage bidders to change your password by following these steps:

Visit and click “Log In” on the top right-hand corner
Click “Forgot Password” on the login window
Enter your email address and click “Send Reset Instructions”
Check your email and follow the link provided to reset your password
If you’re already logged-in, click the dropdown from your user icon in the top right corner and click “Account Settings”. From here, click “Change Password”.

To help keep your information safe, we suggest the following security measures:

We recommend you change passwords for any other online accounts for which you used the same or similar password as used for your LiveAuctioneers account.
Review your accounts for suspicious activity.
Be cautious of any unsolicited communications asking for your personal information.
Avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments from suspicious emails.
While we know that bidder information was specifically affected, in an abundance of caution, we have reset passwords for auctioneer accounts as well. Auctioneers were sent a separate email with personalized instructions for enhancing their account security on July 11, 2020 8:13pm EDT.

For more information and updates
If you have any questions or see anything suspicious on your account, please contact our customer support team at [email protected]

Protecting your information and preventing incidents like this from happening in the future is our top priority. We will keep working to improve security and maintain your trust--which we know is critical to the auction experience. We’ll share any important updates here as we have them.


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Yes, it seems like so many things are getting hacked. I've almost lost count of all the places that my info is on or where I have used bank cards, and where my info had to be stored in order to use the website such as Live Auctioneers, that have been hacked (credit bureau, yahoo email, Target, federal gov't employee database from my short stint as a fed employee. I can't begin to name all the places that have been hacked in recent years.) I will never use my new smart phone for checking my email, or any online banking or bill paying, or even accessing any forums online because there's sensitive personal info stored on many forum sites like WAF that recently upgraded their software to new https security partially because of this security issue with their old outdated servers. A few years back I watched an hour presentation on PBS tv, given by the FBI employee who's life the movie "Catch Me If You Can" was very, very loosely based on. He talked about the newer cyber crime, and how 90+ % of American's smart phones have been hacked into/compromised. I also purposely made sure I didn't get a new 5G phone when I recently switched my 10 year old cell phone over to an android smart phone, and I'm happy with a 4G. I saw yesterdays news and noticed the UK doesn't want to do business any longer with Huwei and their 5G technology (that can spy on everything for China). So yes, it's the "new world" where too much of our personal vital info is out there and susceptible to hacking by nefarious people that are into identity theft and stealing financial info from their victims.

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