M17 Camo Bring-Back from a 30th Division WW1 Veteran


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Here's an ET64 M17 Camo helmet I just picked up from the family of a WW1 US 30th Division Vet. It has one pad intact, and appears to have the German veteran's name and unit penciled onto the underside of the rear skirt of helmet. Looks like "4/88" for the unit?

30th Division was entitled to wear the "Ypres-Lys" + "Somme Offensive" + "Defensive Sector" Battle Participation Bars on their Victory Medal.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I've never seen a camo pattern with black used as one of the segment colors. Paint is in nice shape, with the exception of where it was scratched recently on the front right and left side before I acquired it.

I'll add a few photos at the end to show how the helmet had been stored in the basement of the family, and what else was with it.

I look forward to your comments.

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Seems you're not the only one that missed this helmet... What an amazing find it is!

I think I see a slight difference between the dark surfaces and the black lines, it looks like it's more darkened dark green than black. Might be due to the pictures, but that's how it appears on my screen... dousn't matter, it's agreat helmet.