M1864 - deciphering markings


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In the process of building a 1870 display, I recently acquired an M1864 style Faschinenmesser. Comes with a dizzying array of markings on the blade and throat/chape I can't decipher; plenty of ciphers are present. Anyone more knowledgeable on these markings is great appreciated. Based on how different their markings are - I assume the blade and scabbard have lived separate lives until recent history.
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Very nice and interesting with all the markings, a bayonet that has had a long service life.
I will take the easy one, the crowned "A" in the first picture, which is an inspection mark to show that (that part of) the bayonet was inspected and complying with specifications.
Can you post pictures of the whole bayonet?
Sure thing, Lars! Interesting I would've thought the crowned A signified the ruler of that state. Thanks for the input.
The italicized H stands for Handwerker (maneuver).
9 R.A.F. for Reserve Artillery on Foot.
9 C.D. perhaps 9 Canone-Detachment
1 Ers.B41 maybe 1 Ersatz Batterie 41
H (italics) F.C. maybe Handwerker Foot Canone

These short sabers (Faschinenmesser) were withdrawn and replaced by the M71 bayonet among infantrymen, but redistributed to artillerymen, to be used as machetes for clearing gun battery positions in 1914.

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Thank you Clovis and all for the info. The neck of the scabbard also what appears to be "136. R. 52. 3" - heavy marred by whatever device they used back then to make the checkered pattern.