M95 Baden Pioneer Battalion No.14


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I will be taking this piece to the SOS for sale. I have given one of our members first shot but if he decides to pass, I will put it on the table for anyone who might be interested.


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How much is the asking price ?
If you don't want to post
I understand
email me
also I understand that it might be pre-sold
just want to see if I want to be # 2 in line ?


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I finally finished this piece a week ago, it turned out pretty well but there was a lot of work involved in getting things back to original condition. Some photos of the finished helmet:
View attachment 17692
Fortunately, I had bought a front visor with neusilber trim off of Ebay several years ago. It fit but both sides had to be shortened and new holes drilled for the split brads. Again, only one shot at this so you better make certain your measurements are correct! The spike base brads are repros from Poland as the originals were simply polished steel M15's.
View attachment 17693
Both visors had to be stitched back on after the new original liner was installed. Again, the finish on this helmet is in exceptional condition. I have only seen one other like this in 40 years of collecting! Some glue had to be removed from each visor but the stitch itself went well.
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This was the real challenge...stitching in a 100 year old liner without tearing/destroying the leather. I must emphasize, just how much stress is put on these old helmets during restoration, no matter how careful you are. When the materials were new, they had lots of flexibility and strength in them. However, after 100 years of use and abuse one has to be very very careful. Folds and creases in old leather are weak points and are just waiting to tear or split! Anyway, I got through this with some success but stitching old leather around the rim of a helmet shell takes patience, skill and some good luck. Last....the modern nut (Imperial) does thread on to the spine screw post for some reason. :)
The result is indeed spectacular! Bravo, Brian.


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No problem John, will do. I will have a couple of other helmets for sale as well....a Garde Infantry M15, and M15 Jaeger tschako . I will be with James, Gus and Col. Joe at our tables. James will announce our show location once we know. Thanks Bruno! Philippe, that is a very nice rare helmet. As I mentioned, this helmet is only the second that I have seen in 40 years of collecting where the finish was near perfect.