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Possibly members of a staff of a Cavalry brigade?

probably not; the peacetime establishment of a cavalry brigade was the grand total of four individuals!

Brigade commander: Generalmajor/Oberst
Brigade adjutant: Rittmeister/Oberleutnant
Brigade chief clerk: NCO
1 x orderly.



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LOL. But it was an L5 Pack Howitzer strapped to my back Warrant!

Any by the way, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere as an officer if it had not been for the great WOs teaching me through phase training and continuing to guide me as a new subaltern.

UBIQUE and cheers to the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps (and all three Armoured Regiments you mentioned).


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I also note that the three individuals on the left are wearing trousers with stirrups while the Dragoon seated on the right has regular uniform pants on. Any significance to this ?


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I think the Dragoons may actually be Jaeger zu Pferd. Possibly the 11th JzP. The recipient is in Gleiwitz which is the garrison of 2nd UR and the uniform details would match the 2nd UR. The 2nd was in VI Armee Korps. Other cavalry units in that korps were the 1 Kurassier, 11 JzP and 4th and 6th Hussars.

Tony without Kaiser

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Excellent accurate deductions Bob. The JzP Feldrock and the Dragoner helmets indicate Regiments 9 to 13 who wore only the M10 Feldrock with Dragoner M1895 Pickelhaube with gilt fittings. The Husaren and Ulanen by regulation at all times would normally wear very dark (almost black) Reithosen (breaches) tucked into the appropriate boots. I have never seen a photo of Ulanen wearing trousers.


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Good catch, Cpt Bob! I knew that JzP 8-13, which were created late, in 1913, were equipped with Dragoner helmets, as Tony reminded us, but I did not think of it at all in the present case...