Makers marking information?


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No drum I’m afraid, I would definitely like one. The gun is 1917, this one has a mismatched top cover so I’m not 100%} sure of the maker (cover is Spandau).
The gun was frozen with rust when I obtained it and after working to strip it down, based on condition I don’t believe that it has been fired since it was captured by the NZ division in WW1.
We can own MG’s in working condition but we have no provision to fire them under our laws. Let’s not start a firearms law debate though, at least for now they are retained and preserved.
I would love to fire an 08 or 08/15, I may need to visit the US to achieve this bucket list wish though.

I have a few spare drums (original of course) and would part with one if you are interested.


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A fellow collector recently stumbled upon it in Canada of all places, I was fortunate to be able to obtain it from him.
You are very lucky it did not have to be shipped through your US connection, he is very unreliable and I suspect it would have been lost in the mail.


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I am thinking about redoing this entire listing and putting it on the database website. I am also thinking of redoing the unit marking listing. The problem is that the software that I used to create the list Is no longer supported. So I have to move it to Word Press and that means starting from scratch. Probably a good idea and would not take that much time.