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Hello everyone, i was wondering since the bulk of Hussar regt's were from Prussia, would have all the manufactures of busbies be located in Prussia or were there some in Saxony and Brunswick? Thanks in advance. Alan GIMG_0405.jpg
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Over the years most of my Husaren have been for officers
I can't remember if I recall a makers name in any of them ?
Alan the problem with issue Pelzmützen, is that they’re almost completely black on the inside except for the waffle fibre stiffener which you can’t stamp anything on. Often the only place for a stamp is that same little strip of leather that is sewn on the front to act as a pocket for the Feldabzeichen. So the stamps are tiny and typically smudged and difficult to read. I have never seen an HR17 Pelzmütze with a manufacturer stamp. Here is an HR10 example from F.H. Thieme Magdeburg who often appears on issue Pelzmützen. Sachsen (Saxony) and there were a number of manufacturers. Unfortunately my HR19 is unreadable.

I have an HR17 busby (Braunschweig) stamped to a maker in Berlin. Busbies from Prussian regiments are marked to makers in Prussia.
I have an HR17 busby (Braunschweig) stamped to a maker in Berlin. Busbies from Prussian regiments are marked to makers in Prussia.

Braunschweig was a small Dutchy so there were probably not any helmet manufacturers in its borders. Bruno's Berlin made HR17 Pelzmütze is as an example. All IR92 helmets were made by one Prussian manufacturer.

Remember too, that there were two Regiments in Braunschweig, and both would have made large orders through a bidding process. When Regiments place a contract out for competitive procurement, it's not for one or two Pelzmützen. It could be hundreds.
Thank you Tony, Bruno,Brian, and Steve for all your comments to my busby question. I just added a photo of a stamp in my 19th em busby's interior on my original post, i can't make much out on the stamp except what appears to be Potsdam. There are no extra holes in the fibre stiffener,so the Saxon plate appears to have been the only plate that was ever on the busby. I don' think there could have been many maufacturers. What do you all think? I say it is the 19th based on the color of the kolpak.There are no regimental marks. Size 55 is pressed in the top under the kolpak. Thanks Alan G
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Mine has a size stamp on the little leather pocket (53), and the maker mark is up inside the crown in white. The maker mark stamp was not applied really well and is a little smeared so I am not sure where it was made. Perhaps someone has a more readable stamp of this maker.

11th Hussar Regiment marking is on the interior of one of the flaps. My 1891 side posts are made of steel, while the bandeau appears to be brass.


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